shameless premonition


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(Learning Curve)

"Record number two from these Virginia heavies, who kicked our asses with their Omen Mas debut. And this new one is just as good, if not even better. The core sound is still the same, thick, dense churning guitars, frenzied mathed out super complex drumming, thick sinewy bass, and cool howled/crooned vox, hell if this had been Omen Mas Mark II, we would have been perfectly happy, but from the first track it seems like these guys got a whole lot poppier. Or catchier, or both. For all the gnarled guitarnoise and noise rock grind of opener "Chub", it's also got a killer main melody, and a hook most pop bands wouldn't be able to pull off. And it's all the better for the fact that it's delivered wrapped in face melting noise rock crush. But don't panic, Hex Machine haven't gone soft. The second track opens with a barrage of double kick driven math rock noise, that's as heavy as anything on the last record, but then bam, in come the vocals, and goddamn if it ain't crazy catchy again.
Seems like maybe these guys just unlocked the secret code. It's a tough thing to pull off, being super heavy, super noisy AND super catchy, in fact most bands who try to pull it off fail miserably. We don't need to tell you about the bands that DID pull it off (Torche, anybody?), but you can now add these guys to that elite pantheon of hook heavy heavies. And while there's plenty here that is absolutely and intentionally NOT poppy, the band seem to fall into it sort of naturally now, with even the noisiest, gnarliest, heaviest jams here displaying some serious hookage, even (and especially) warped weird unexpected catchiness which is the best kind, and the sort of thing most bands luck out and stumble on, but seems like something these guys just do. A Lot.
Anyone into noise rock new or old, catchy or brutal, mathy or dirgey, heavy and hooky, if you've yet to discover these guys, this record is gonna kick the living shit out of you, and you're gonna love every second of it." --aQ


shameless premonition silence scampers out seizure with anchovy stroking the unknown mouth over and over


released August 15, 2012



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HEX MACHINE Richmond, Virginia

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